Perseus SDR

My interest in radio stated by listening to off shore pirates on the medium wave and broadcasters on short wave in the early 1970's. Broadcast band listing is still a passion and I have a Perseus Software Defined Radio I use mainly for this purpose. The Perseus connects with a USB2 interface to a PC and the PC performs key filtering and demodulation aspects of the receiver. The Perseus is fed with a Wellbrook 1530s active loop antenna and the two together provide an extremely powerful listening station.

The Perseus is shown on the right and as you can see is small with a very simple mechanical design. All the receiver controls are provided by the system software shown below. 

With a huge range of receiver controls available and the ability to interface to other software for receiver control, logging, and signal processing, I have many hours of fun listening to signals of many kinds from around the world.  
The software supports AM/FM/SSB/CW operation and also allows reception of digital DRM signals when linked with the 'Dream' DRM demodulation software. DRM or 'Digital Radio Modiale' is a narrow band digital method for broadcasters to use. Capable of near CD quality in narrow band radio channels such as those used on MF and HF DRM is an interesting new mode.

This page is set up for me to post interesting operating ideas and tips on using the Perseus to listen to the world.

Using the Perseus Remotely

The Perseus receiver is shared remotely using the Perseus server network. Users of Perseus receivers can use my station as if they were actually sitting in my radio room at the controls. 

I have recently changed from an ADSL broadband provider to a wireless rural broadband service. The new service offers up-to 32Mbps upload and download. This should provide a much better connection to the remote Perseus server. 

73's de Matthew (g6wpj)

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