Station Equipment

Kenwood TS-2000 Tcvr: HF, 6m, 2m, and 70cms
Elad FDM-DUO Tcvr: 10kHz to 54MHz (SDR Tcvr and pan-adapter to TS-2000 on HF)

SDRPlay RSP1 mounted at masthead connected to wideband discone antenna for VHF/UHF monitoring from 50MHz to 2GHz
SDRPlay RSP2 as pan-adapter for TS-2000 on VHF and UHF (on going project)

HF Linear Amplifier:
BLA350 from RM Italy (350w on 160m to 10m from 10w drive) 

Antenna Matching
MFJ-948 Manual antenna matching unit (both HF antennas if required)
MFJ-994BRT Remote automatic antenna matching unit (tuned doublet / Marconi 'T')

Station PC
AMD FX-4350 4.0GHz quad core PC; with 16GB RAM and 1TB storage. Running Win10 64bit edition. The PC drives 3 monitors: 1, Radio control, 2 Log and internet, 3 Digital modes decoding.  

PC<->Radio Interface
TS-2000 <->Signatronics USB audio Interface; with extra isolated serial port based PTT in addition to VOX PTT. 
The FDM-DUO does not require an external interface.

Station Audio:
Kenwood MC-60 desktop microphone
Blue Microphones 'Snowball' USB microphone and anti-vibration mount 
Rode Desk Mic boom. Creative Labs 'PC Speakers'. Technics RP-F350 Stereo Headphones. 
Philips Bluetooth Headphones.
Pioneer AV receiver fed by optical cable for RF isolation.

Radio room Jan 2017

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